Healthy and Happy in 2013!

I joined the Fitocracy group!

My goals for 2013:

1. Be able to run at least 3 miles by the end of March.
Plan of action: Couch to 5k program

2. Be able to do at least 1 unassisted pull up.
Plan of action: No clue. Assisted pull up machine at the gym?

3. Be able to do at least 20 push ups in a row by the end of March.
Plan of action: one hundred push ups program 

4. Practice yoga every day. Even just one pose. This is to get my mind clear and to improve flexibility.
Plan of action: Wii Fit yoga program! Every day might be too much, I'll listen to my body, of course, and change the goal if I find it necessary. My husband, who doesn't do yoga, has been telling me all the time that we should start. Hopefully, he'll join me!

5.  Eat healthier foods and limit portion sizes.
Plan of action: I really need help with this. I'm going to start off by trying to be more mindful. I have noticed that when I'm exercising, I tend to want to feed my body better, too. I also started planning more meals at home to save money and can track the ingredients in Spark People (I just need to start remembering to log in daily!). At the end of March, I will reevaluate my food habits, and adjust from there.

6. Return to my pre-college weight (and still lose more after that). I want to lose fat and gain muscle.
Plan of action: cardio 3x week, strength train 2x week, eat healthier

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle!
Plan of action: See above! ;)

My work is now offering a gym membership reimbursement, so today I joined Planet Fitness! This gym will help me reach my goals by providing the equipment I would like to use. They also have trainers available!


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