Healthy Life Choices--New home, new me!

Where I'm Starting:

  • Recovering from pneumonia
  • Recently diagnosed with sports induced asthma
  • College student
  • Poor eatting/sleeping/exercising habits (i.e. I don't take good care of myself)
  • 166 pounds, 5ft 9in--> BMI 24.5

My Goals:

  • Learn how to use an inhaler properly (and how that medicine acts in my body)
  • Sleep at least eight hours per night!
  • Pay better attention to what I eat and put into my body
  • Find exercise that I enjoy/can stick to
  • Lose 1-2 pounds per week, with an ultimate goal of about 135 pounds (BMI of about 20)
  • Improve body composition overall, but especially on my torso

DAY ONE January 15th

Well, I had fruit for breakfast (instead of a pop tart or nothing at all)! That's a good start at least =) I haven't exercised yet, but I plan on doing that after class tonight.


Well, my exercise involved lots of walking and climbing stairs. It's frustrating that this is all I can do for now, but I have to remember not to push it, or else I could lose all of my recovery process. On the upside, I went to my school's new dining hall, and it was filled with healthy choices! I am so excited--looks like I know where I'm eating dinner from now on~!

DAY TWO January 16th

I am not doing so hot on that whole "good sleep" thing. Granted I was up late doing homework (as in, 2am late), but that's still not a good excuse. I think it's a sign that I need to budget time better throughout the day (which I knew already, but didn't want to admit). Today and tomorrow are going to be tough because of my work schedule; I work 8pm to 2am tonight, and 2pm to 2am tomorrow. I need to squeeze in my 9 o'clock class tomorrow as well. Looks like eight consecutive hours aren't possible, but maybe I can do half and half? I'll have to figure this out. The good news is I'm constantly walking around and on my feet at work, so though I don't think I can really track it in my fitocracy, I know I am getting some level of activity.


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