Healthy Happy People Now LLC (30, 60, 90 Day Plan)

Healthy Happy People Now LLC (30, 60, 90 Day Plan) - student project

30 Day Plan:

Create Pipeline:

  • Create excel spreadsheet of all contacts with companies they own
  • Create excel spreadsheet of contacts I would like to have
  • Offer to volunteer at their next event or volunteer for a task they need completed
  • Keep contact warm for later partnerships
  • Join local networking groups (business owners, branding, self-employed) and attend meetings to increase reach, solitify branding and gain knowledge from those with more experiance

I am organizing my contacts by cross-referencing them across the different medias my company uses (website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, email) to make the best use of my network and to further my reach.

I also volunteered to be become a Pain Ambassador with the U.S. Pain Foundation, which is a non for profit company I have worked with in the past. I contacted the other volunteers in my state so we may collaborate on working tables at pain clinics or putting our own pain clinic together.

Informational Packet

  • Business cards
  • Brouchure with testimonials of how I have helped others manage chronic pain
  • Personal bio including conditions, treatments and products I have first-hand experiance of
  • Free copy of: Get the Most out of Your Doctor Visits (step-by-step guide to get the tests, treatments, records and diagnoses needed while waisting the least amout of time, money and pain).
  • I often mail information to customers, but have nothing to include from MY company so any suggestions of what this might include is welcome

The informational packet is growing as I gather written materials from other companies which advocate for those with chronic pain.  I have sent a few out and am gathering feedback and asking for testimonials. 

I will be hiring someone to design my company's business cards and written materials so my brand is clear. 

Price is starting to be negotiated for my time and informational materials and I'm looking for guidance on how payments should be handled and what prices are reasonable.


  • Contact a lawyer on how best to protect myself and my LLC from lawsuits

I have been in contact with a lawyer about liability insurance and other issues regarding protecting myself and my company and I will continue to work with a lawyer as needed.


60 Day Plan

Website Development:

  • Add 'Store' page to website instead of only having items for sale embedded in text
  • Add 'Testemonials' page to website and ask to include company logos (if company owner)
  • Add video demonstrations to website (pressure-point massage, trigger point massage...)
  • Add Logos of companies I work with to increase validity of my company

I have hired someone to streamline my company's website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pintrest pages so my logo, tagline and brand are clear.  He is working with me to update my site so the landing page is clean, clear and easily navigated.  I am also creating blogs within my website so I may add material and have it automatically go to the 3 main topics my company covers (Free Pain Management at Home, DIY and recommended products for pain management and Simply Sexy, which focuses on health and beauty as it relates to relationships and sexual health).  I will also be adding a 'Tip of the Week' and the logos of other companies I work with to build trust in my brand.  I already have permission from the companies I work with so I just need to double check what, if any, legal work needs to be done with this.


  • Continue to work with lawyer to be sure I am legally protected from lawsuits


90 Day Plan:

  • Reach out to those in my network to expand my reach, keep contacts warm and encourage recommendations for contacts I would like to have
  • Attend the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) local chapter meetings to network        
  • Continue to work with Kevmed on the marketing and distribution of the Painshield MD portable ultrasound patch.  Ultrasound therapy has never been available in a patch form so this is a game changer.  This partnership will also help my validity as a useful parner.
  • Find a mentor to teach the art of 'closing' to me.  My health limits my ability to work, and I am looking for an angle on how to learn 'closing.'  Any ideas are welcome and I am using my network to gather all the information, tips and skills needed to be a successful closer.


  • Continue to work with a lawyer to be sure I am legally protected from lawsuits
Kathy Schoemehl

Owner (Healthy Happy People Now LLC)