Healthy BMI so we can make a baby

Healthy BMI so we can make a baby - student project

My goal is to get to 75kg because this makes me a healthy BMI for my height and instills more confidence in me that I will be able to shed baby weight and gain a healthy amount off weight when my husband and I start trying for a baby later this year.  

It's also really important to me that I form an exercise habit, I liked the description in the video around making it a part of who you are rather than something you do, as for me, this will play a significant part in my recovery from a bad bout of depression at the end of last year and hopefully the prevention of anything that horrific ever happening again!

My fitness action plan will include:

  • Using Sunday morning to schedule time for exercise each week and plan the meals for the week with my husband.
  • Scheduling 3 weights training sessions and 4 cardio sessions of at least 30 min duration every week.
  • Getting out for even a 10 minute walk on the days I focus on weights to clear my head, get outside and change perspectives
  • My schedule will need to include variety and fun things for me and my husband to do together on weekends, things like using the leisure centre pool nearby, possibly joining a sport (maybe futsal?), rockclimbing, bushwalking, yoga or pilates, and more fun-runs with my family throughout the year.
  • Weights training routines will focus on abs & core, butt & thighs and arms & back - for the moment it will be bodyweight and tricord based as I don't have resources to invest in a gym membership or home weights set as yet.
  • I will track my exercise on Fitocracy!