HealthMap - the key to your individual health

Health is a complex topic.  What we as a society are beginning to realize is that there is no simple answer to every individual's health state.  This complexity stems from the fact that health is not one-dimensional but rather a complex state that results from an individual's physical, mental and emotional condition.  The key to understanding health is to realize its dynamic and unique nature.  There is no silver bullet that can cure us of our ailments.  Instead, to be in good health is to reach a state of balance, and a sustained understanding of where we are on our individual "health map."

Our HealthMap is based on principles from Integrative and Ayurvedic Medicine, which suggest that our physical, mental and emotional state is governed by three biological principles that exist everywhere in nature: (1) the principle of movement (light and airy); (2) the principle of transformation (bold and fiery); and (3) the principle of balance (solid and steady). These fundamental principles control everything in our bodies, mind and emotions, and the balance between these principles determine our constitution, which is unique to each individual.  The key to health is to maintain balance within your own individual constitution. In other words, your unique position on our HealthMap. 

Based on answers from a short interactive survey, this app lets the individual understand where they sit on our HealthMap and how to maintain or preserve health by keeping these fundamental principles in balance.

Team member needs: looking for 3rd member to join our team preferably someone with experience coding , designing apps, or designing user interfaces.

Current members include Cibel and Jen:

Cibel - bio coming soon!

Jen - My goal in life is to enjoy it! I love to try new things - like learning to develop iPhone apps :) I am currently working in the NYC area as a corporate strategist.  I also have a background in engineering and graphic design.  I am from California, so I like to think I was raised by default as a health enthusiast.