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Health and looking good is possible: you have the power to change your life with food.

I want to show/teach people how to be healthy/lose weight to meet the need to relieve/cure symptoms of modern diseases and look good/attractive.

Healthy for life coaching: if you want to have a long and healthy life, it is important for you to take responsibility for your own health and learn about the root causes of how to be healthy. Through a series of small group interactive workshops, I will bring together four people who are struggling with health, including weight problems and other chronic diseases, and will walk step-by-step with them on the road to health -

Each workshop will be 12-weeks long with a 2-hour meeting per week. We will start a ‘real food’ eating plan together, and not only will I educate them on the biochemical basis of why they are eating certain things and not others, we will discuss ways to set habits of continuous learning and applying actions that will make us healthy and prolong our lives.
In the process, group members will support each other and I will support them through interactions throughout the week via email, telephone, and text.

My project also includes private coaching and giving talks about how to be healthy in schools, companies, and other places where my customer segment is present.

Who are my customers?

They are people who really want/need to lose weight, get rid of chronic diseases, and be truly healthier.
They are most likely overweight and have tried many ways to lose weight before.
They are moms who feel depressed because they cannot feel sexy and look good again.
They are people who have chronic diseases and are having a hard time with symptoms, and the taking of medications.
They are people who want to become healthier, desperately, but they just don’t know how to go about doing it.
They are people who are either open minded already and willing to learn and apply different paradigms of getting healthier or they have at least one open door to their mind to listen and let it sink in.
They are willing to fill out an application to participate in my program.

Human Resources: I will contribute my extensive background in science-research and teaching, specifically biochemistry and I will also contribute my extensive background in reading and then applying real food eating to not only lose lots of fat and cure my knee pain myself, but to also have transformed my kids’ lives my eradicating their eczema and other allergies by simply eating whole, real foods.

HARD PART: to make people understand that they are THE ones responsible for taking care of their own health. Also, to make workshops dynamic and interesting enough to keep the momentum going for a few weeks, and, hopefully, for the rest of clients’ lives.

UNIQUE PART: My personality of supporting other people together with my science knowledge is a perfect combination for helping those that want to be healthy, want to lose weight, and just can’t. There are not that many ways in the community to get this kind of support. I have been in this situation myself - fat and sick - and I wished so hard that I knew where to find somebody that could help me get started and then ‘walk with me’ for just a little while so that I could start to breathe again. Doctors were not of any help, all the information available was overwhelming and I felt stuck. Sure you can find many resources for weight loss and health, but the info is scattered and it would take someone a while to read up on things and then actually apply them, and most people don’t have the kind of science background to truly understand it. One of my best qualities, is being able to ‘translate’ science talk in a way that not only makes people understand the concept well but in a way that gets super excited about learning more.

ASSET: I love public speaking. I love science and love ‘translating it’ into something simpler and exciting that people can absorb and apply in their lives. I have extensive research and teaching background in science, as well as personal experience in transforming my life and my family’s life with just food.

Repetition: Well, I plan on doing the workshops, talks, and coaching myself in the beginning. In the future, I could train the people that have participated in my workshops and coaching to do workshops and coaching themselves — this is really good because they will have had the transformative experience and can ‘walk’ somebody through it well. I also plan on having an informative website where people can start to understand health from the root cause and buy coaching/worshops/videos etc… online.


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