Health and Wellness in 2013

My goal for 2013 is to stay healthy and train for the Hartford ING Half Marathon in October. I am a runner, but spent 3 months healing from a tib/fib stress fracture at the end of 2012. Just back to running  in mid-December. I have only run two official races, the first being a 5K that I completed in 28:27, and then a marathon relay. Aiming for the 20K race on Labor Day in preparation for the half marathon.

I need to train smartly, log my food in LoseIt so that I can get rid of these extra 8 pounds left from inactivity this past fall. 

I am swimming once a week and also spinning once a week in addition to being back on the treadmill. I won't attempt outdoor running until the spring when the weather improves and I can be sure of even footing since trail running on an uneven surface was the cause of my stress fracture. 

I need to listen to my body and not go crazy if my ankle starts to bother me. I have a tendency to try and ignore injury hoping it will go away!


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