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Health Wisdom: Plato, Dr. Seuss, Ingrid Bergman...

Created this infographic by followig along with tutorial.

  • used to clear the background on some of the product images, and the Dr. Seuss image
  • found the quotes via a google search
  • the Dr. Seuss icon was found by looking for "Dr. Seuss Royalty Free Icon" in google, it is attributed in the sources section of the infographic
  • couldn't figure out how to export the image so it could be uploaded to Pinterest? Every time I tried uploading it, there was an error. Any suggestions on how to do this.
  • Posted it to Facebook, and as suggested took a screenshot of part of the graphic then linked to it on a blogpost page of (update: also got it to work on Pinterest thanks Dana!!!)
  • Overall a smooth process with lots of potential, though ran into some issues on uploading the image to social sites. Any tips about easing the sharing options would be useful. 



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