Health Health Hooray! Website

HealthHealthHooray.com  is a health and wellness website and market place featuring organic food and green living products and advice.

We started in 2011 and launched July 2013. 

We've added a blog and are working with social media to drive traffic to our site.

We want to reach and help people who support organic foods and living a healthy lifestyle. We want to provide access to affordable organics through our affiliate marketplace. 

Day 1 

Business model - we have an affiliate marketplace with free health and wellness information and plans for selling advertising.  Also, considering expanding into branding of merchandise in the future and offering informational ebooks for sale.

Assets - website platform, cash income from our marketplace

Human resources - ourselves (2), web designer.  In near future we will hire freelancers to manage our social media and consider bloggers to contribute information.

Customers - people looking for healthy, clean, organic food that want to live a green lifestyle.  They would have a source for affordable and hard to find organics.  Security in knowing that what we offer is safe, excellent in quality and chosen based on our expertise and experience.

What is difficult - because our business model is so complex we find there is many things to keep current and limited resources at this time.

Unique - through our knowledge and experience we are helping people make the best choices for their health whether it be through information we provide or from the quality products we offer from our marketplace.  

Day 2


First, we need to determine what our immediate needs are and hire those individuals that will fulfill those needs.  For example, we will need someone capable of promoting and managing our marketing through social media and newsletter, another individual to manage advertising accounts and another to manage our marketplace products.  We will also be looking for individuals with the same ideals as us to write for our website.  

After hiring the perfect individuals to take on some of  the responsibilities we will be able to spend a larger portion of our time writing our own articles and blog, interviewing people of interest to share their stories, or looking at expanding into other areas.   

We have to grow our organization so that we can increase sales from our marketplace worldwide.  

Day 3

Do you need money for the business? Yes

Does more money increase chances of positive cash flow? 

Eventually it will, but not necessarily - it will need to be planned. Need to use methods that would be likely to generate publicity and sales.

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?

Computers, printers, phones, desks and chairs

How long before money invested starts turning into money returned? Depends on how fast we can reach visibility and get people who believe in our vision to purchase. Goal - 3 months.

Do you hope to sell the company? No

Gross margain? Since our marketplace is an affiliate program driven marketplace and we're not selling products, it looks like our gross margain is 100%. 

How long to reach scale? 2.5 years

What funding are you seeking? We're bootstrapping at this point. 

Day 4: Hiring

First employees needed? newsletter freelancer, Social Media Freelancer, Webdesigner, Data Entry person, IT person

Where to find them?  Local and internet outsourcing

Why would they join? We have an exciting, upcoming company that values input, works as a team and values employee expertise.

Good vs. convenient? Look for those who bring a positive energy to the job and are willing to contribute above and beyond job requirements. Those who wish to support our vision.

Funnel? Not sure what you mean by this...

After hiring people, how will we evaluate them? Do they generate excitement for their projects, do they deliver results in a timely fashion, are they on time for completing tasks. Do they contribute new ideas and find ways to streamline tasks. Are they pleasant to work with?

How long before formal review? We plan to start with freelancers, so evaluate based on a small project first in place of a "formal review"

Approach for talking about the uncomfortable? Be straightforward and address it immediately. Getting perspective, giving perspective - laying out all the info on the table and objectively looking at the situation beofre coming to a final conclusion.

Are you asking people to do work that's been done before...? We are working toward the edges of a new universe and to do work that has been done before. 

Day 5: Naming

Health Health Hooray!

Day 6: Partnerships

Who is helping you start this thing? Arden Stanton - financials, blogging/writing extraordinaire 

If they stopped working today would that be ok? No - couldn't continue

How much am I hoping they'll contribute today, tomorrow and year from now? Part time to start, working toward full time.

Day 7 Cash Flow:

How much is the product/service going to cost? It is an affiliate marketplace, so there is no control over the cost of a product. 

Monthly overhead: Hosting fees, advertising, freelancers, IT person, web designer, bank fees. 


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