Health Health Hooray! Marketing Inspiration

1) Our Business or Brand

Health Health Hooray! is a health and wellness website with a marketplace featuring organic food and green living products at a terrific value for the price. Shop from home 24/7.

We have new featured products every month in our Health Health Hooray! Marketplace

Whew - finally made it through the P words videos.

We've selected 6 Ps to form our backbone

  • Positioning - our niche is providing quality organic and green products to those who are already interested and percieve the value of what we offer
  • Placement - We need to work on getting our vision and business into people's life space. We love Seth's idea of using "life space" and are working toward a plan on this one. We also need ad shelf space on the web.
  • Promotion - We need to start sharing our story more and developing opportunities and events to share our story, vision and products.
  • Purple - this one's important. And need to spend more time developing a plan to make sure that our website and marketplace are remarkable and worth talking about and sharing
  • Persistence - Need to establish a plan for putting out content regularly and be more consistent with our newsletter and interaction through social media and blogging. We have the expertise for people to trust us, but need to build trust through being consistent.
  • And People Like Us - Building and connecting a tribe of consumers and people interested in green, organic and healthy living. Educating, connecting and supporting people who want to incorporate these things in their life and really believe in what we and they are doing. 


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