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Healing Goliath Series

Over the last 10 years, we have provided integrative, multi-media, health education programs for companies, specializing in stress management and disease prevention. We offer entry level packages to executive monthly supervision.  Our onsite delivery is complimented by the JSC Health Portal which provides convenient 24/7 access to members as well as improves adherence to positive behavior adoption and lifestyle choices.


Our current assets are a dynamic web presence including a private viewing portal with automated subscription capability and ecommerce store for all tangible and downloadable programs.  This allows for maintenance of our corporate clients and the opportunity for transactions to occur with individuals interested in our services.

In order to maintain our desired growth, we require regular cashflow to increase the wages of for our full time assistant, part-time content editor, part-time video editor and additional presenters. I would like to upgrade our equipment and further develop marketing swag and products. My role over the years has been to develop the foundation which includes the base curriculum, specialty courses and method of delivery.

Our customers see the value in investing in a healthy workforce. They are interested in preserving their skilled, loyal team as they realize the opportunity cost of their linchpins becoming ill and incurring health care costs and time off work. Our customer receives access to our educational material in a live and/or digital format. They appreciate the level of information they receive along with the instant benefits gained from the physical engagement typically included in our services. Participants value the benefits they receive mentally, intellectually and physically.

HARD: In an economy where budgets are continually being reduced, decision makers are afraid to invest in a conceptual service that cannot document an instant return in their transaction. In many cases, the decision makers are unhealthy themselves and our product triggers personal shame and guilt which can influence their final decision.

UNIQUE: Our integrative, multi-media method is unique to most traditional employee assistance programs as it is highly media driven and includes current mind/body topics most conventional providers are only now trying to integrate or not offering at all.

REPEAT: The protocol has been evolving over the last 10 years. By recruiting skilled presenters and growing our module library, we can continue to grow our client base and maintain a high standard of customized service.

As our clientele continues to grow and based on our feedback and current investigations, we are experimenting with creative, inspirational Corporate Health retail items which would generate additional revenue streams to help fund further development of our future specialty programs.  In addition to our Executive Program, we have a Cancer Program, Prenatal Health Program and Belly Dance Program.

The Healing Goliath Series is inspired by my research into the relationship of Art and Math to Yoga, Meditation and the Chakra Systems. The name comes from my own correlations of my research with the story of David and Goliath and reinforced by the recent release of Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath. This series includes a new module package available to current JSC Health Portal Subscribers along with new retail items. The new items include corporate office accents, corporate artwork and sick children accessories. The following video clip shows are light-hearted approach to wellness and the exploration of our own mental health.


My roots are as an Entrepeneur. I have created and sold 2 incorpated businesses in Canada. The second being a successful 25 000 square foot health and wellness center. I enjoy creating things that become bigger than me. JSC Lifestyle Managment Inc started in 2004 as a freelance business with the intention of becoming a sustainable service that didn't indentify with me as the sole provider.  My challenge has been many of the things Seth addresses in his video in combination with some major personal health issues.  2014 is a big evolution for us and will also impact our branding down the road.  Currently our branding still focuses on me as the main consultant as most prospects still like to deal with me directly. This class is perfect timing for me to work through my own vision allowing me to better explain it to my team.


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