Lauren Coleman

Senior Designer at Spigit



Heal through Yoga

I have danced, played sports, and generally been active my entire life, and have all of the aches and pains to prove it. Just under a year and a half ago, I had a great run through the streets on a sunny day. The next morning, I had plantar fasciitis. I kept running on it for a few months, and only sought help when the pain became unbearable. Now it won't seem to heal. I've tried all the things, such as boot, PT, steroid shot, and now accupuncture. And yoga. I have come to really, really love yoga.

So my goal is to heal my foot -- actually, all of the chronic pain in my body -- so that I can dance again. I hope to reach my goal by aiming for 50 minutes of yoga every day. Since the body is an ecosystem, I also strive to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, get 8 hours of sleep, eat healthy, avoid booze, and floss. So far, I am really motivated and feel very positive about my probable success with these goals!

1/24 Update

This is day 6 of two 20-30min yoga workouts every day. I definitely feel stronger all around, particularly in my shoulders. I feel that in general I have less pain. I am still highly motivated to keep going!


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