Stephanie Cornais

Founder and Creative Director



Heal Yourself

Company description:  Nourish & Love, LLC is my parent media/publishing company.  I sell print books, ebooks and e courses on my website  My website is an online resource for real food, natural lifestyle and parenting.  My band is all about inspiring women to nourish, love and heal themselves so they can nourish and love their families or do whatever else they want to in life. 

Presentation name/concept:  I don't really have a presentation name or concept yet.  Something about what my brand is about. 

Core message:  That healing yourself is the number one thing you need to do before you can be successful, be the mother/wife you want to be, whatever it is you are trying to achieving, you have to heal your past before you can move forward. 

Ideal audience: 
Women of all stages and ages. But primarily women of childbearing age. 



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