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Heal Autoimmune Disease


Welcome to Heal Autoimmune Disease! We're happy you’re joining us to heal holistically. 

Philosopher Alan Watts once said, “Life is squiggly.” So is autoimmunity. It isn't a definable condition. It's a response that wears over 100 different guises. At its core though, autoimmunity  happens when one's immune system becomes triggered and instead of attacking an invading virus or bacteria, it attacks one’s healthy cells and tissues. An autoimmune response can attack any area of the body. With 1 in 5 Americans diagnosed with autoimmune disease, it's a big issue.  

(Pause . . . deep breath. . .)

Now, with all of this squiggliness, how do we come to accept autoimmune disease and live healthfully with it?

For the Heal Autoimmune Disease (HAD) team - Danielle, Jessica, and me - www.healautoimmunedisease.com is part of our answer.  With HAD, we are creating a holistic healing and living community - and sharing tools to thrive with it. We believe that a whole-being approach, one that accounts for all aspects of our being from sleeping to eating to thinking to spiritually connecting, is what’s needed to heal from these wholly encompassing conditions. 

We’re grateful to share our experiences and tools and excited to hear your experiences and what tools work for you. We encourage you to connect here - share your stories and links to holistic healing resources, like healing practices, health care practitioners,  and recipes.

Toward acceptance of the squiggliness! 

Health and joy,



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