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Headlines Apparel - make. headlines.

Headlines Apparel - Cincinnati, OH Streetwear, Made in the USA

Your body is a billboard. Your vehicle to express yourself. Your fashion tells your story. Our brand promotes you and your headlines. ..


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Headlines Apparel incorporates the American captialistic spirit with retro street and sprotswear. The company was founded by 3 OG sneakerheads (hence the 3's in our logos's/designs) that were tired of low quality, modern trends in today's "pop-culture" brands. The brand is not geared towards the growing number of hypeneasts but rather the original streetwear purest who wants to pay respects to throwback "hip-hop" culture, sports culture, design/art/illustration and the OG sneakerhead. Hip-hop, sneakers, sports and fashion are no longer mutually exclusive. Headlines looks to leverage the transparency between these siloh's and bring to market a brand that encompasses all these foundations while giving consumers comfort and "swag" at the same time.

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So this is a glaring weakness for our brand at the momnet. We lack a true knack for photography and don't have much affordable access to professionals. I guess the might be a value add we should consider in investing in... With today's technology everyone is a photographer but we want to come up with something that truely pays homage to the sports/sneaker/streetwear heritage our brand was founded upon. We also don't want the traditional Model to Product relationship within our lookbook. We realize we must incorpoate that to an extent but really want other creative product displays like outfid grids, etc...

Long and short... we need serious feedback in this area.

The Sript Fleece Crewneck


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