Head West!

Head West! - student project

Update - 3/22

Tried to balance it out a little bit and get a better flow going. Also added some width to the letters, which I found I was really terrible at! Definitely something to work on. But I'm pretty happy with it. Any thoughts before I take it into Illustrator?

Head West! - image 1 - student project

I'm about as "beginner" as one can get when it comes to design and lettering, and was kind of agonizing over what phrase to pick. I had a lot of favorite quotes, song lyrics, etc. in mind, but wanted something short so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. Then this just sort of popped into my head - head west. In 2011, we made the decision to uproot everything and make the move from NY to CA, so "head west" reminds me that change and new adventures can be really good!

After sketching a few ideas (most of them horrible, haha) I ended up with this one. I know there's still some wonkiness going on with a couple things, but I'm pretty happy with it! Hope to really clean it up in Illustrator, but would absolutely love to get some feedback on it!

Head West! - image 2 - student project