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Hazy Picnic

Here is my picnic brain storm. I enjoyed starting the project this way as it really got me to stop and think rather that looking at images straight away. It helped focus my ideas too.

Here's my hazy picnic mood board. I started off by collecting a bunch of images on Pinterest then choosing the ones which stood out to me. You can see my Pinterest board here http://pinterest.com/louiseparr/picnic/

My little doodles on paper.

I live traced my drawings in Illustrator, ready to recolour.

Playing about with colour and texture.

My final print! I'm pretty happy with it. It is different to how I usually work as I mostly create my designs from scratch on the computer. It has a lot more of my personality in it by live tracing my original drawings, defiantly going to work using this process in future.

I'm going to go back through the tutorial videos as I've learnt a lot of new techniques that I would like to practice, loads of good info in there! 

It felt really positive to enter a Spoonflower competition too, my first time. All in all what a lovely course which really motivated me and taught me lots of new things.


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