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Maria Larsson

Illustrator and surface pattern designer



Hazel's Garden Dreams, a spring pattern



I always dreamt of having my own garden, especially in springtime. I love plant catalogues and old vintage seed packets. To put little flower bulbs in pots or flowerbeds and grow things in a greenhouse is something magical. For three years, I was lucky to work in a pottery surrounded by old cottages in the Swedish countryside. I had the most beautiful view as well as a hundred pots filled with flowers of all kinds in front of my window. We were all potting and planting every spring and enjoyed coffeebreaks among the dazzling flowers in summer. Since then I'm obsessed with old country houses and old fashioned gardenflowers. 

I often make up stories to myself about my dreams for the future. This is one of them translated into imagery. (And I would love to be named Hazel so I had to put that too;-) 


My thinking is to incorporate garden tools and pots etc as shapes and build on top with my flower drawings. I haven't decided if I might want to try a vintage offset feel to it and maybe keep the outlines in black, or I would just use color and no outline. A little bit of playing will give the answer! I've sketched my favourite spring flowers and there will also be some birds and bugs...



I'm not sure my elements have a cohesive style yet, but hopefully the colorpalette will tie them together! My next step will be investigating vintage patterns for color inspiration!



My pattern ended up being a onedirectional halfdrop repeat and this is my first colour way. Below are three more, the first almost the same but blues instead of greens. Couldn't decide which I liked the best.




I learned so many new things from this course and Elisabeth, you are so inspiring! Thank you for two superfun weeks! And thanks to everyone that took the time to comment! 


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