Hawk | Skillshare Projects

Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny




I started with the idea of a hawk.  On one hand they can seem to just hang in the air with no effort - but they also have such focus. Love that.  

Here is some images I collected for my moodboard. 


I did a LOT of sketches of the whole bird/body - and nothing seemed to be working. Finally I just went into Illustrator and worked from there. The only sketch that seemed to work for me was a head focus that I had done on the side, just to get the feel of the flow. 

In the end that is pretty much what I did for the finished logo. It seemed to need the circle, maybe to fill in for the wings, to give us a feeling of a tight focus camera shot. Just seemed to work. 

Hope you enjoy.  This has been a great project. And simple does NOT mean easy. This really took time and lots of thought. 



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