Hawaiian walks

Hawaiian walks - student project

Still trying to work through this.....wish I had a little help?  here's my newest attempts...and I know the deadline is tonight. 

Hawaiian walks - image 1 - student project

Hawaiian walks - image 2 - student project

I'm SUPER struggling with blending ALL of the "motif's" (I really wanted to say something four lettered there!) into something I like! I ended up HATING my beginner color scheme....I feel like all the tutorials I've watched from many instructors give me a pastel world when MY own heart bleeds True Jewel tones!  so, yes, I have made many motifs, I love some of them....really those little white flowers are probably my rock stars! Found a new beachy vibrant color scheme...but still this I know is too much.  I'm in need of help!!!

Hawaiian walks - image 3 - student project

Vectorized watercolor!  I see some fun possibilities!  I see a butterfly forming also!  And I'm thinking I had so much fun with this...I need to do some more painting tomorrow!!!

Hawaiian walks - image 4 - student project

Watercolor Play

Hawaiian walks - image 5 - student project

sketches and image traces from flower photos.  I still am working on cleaning up blob brush and I need to add some of those dimples in the leaf that I couldn't see.  

Hawaiian walks - image 6 - student project

Hawaiian walks - image 7 - student project