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Hawaii Yeti

I searched through a design site I visit frequently ( to get an idea of what I wanted to create. There were several project tutorials and I ended up picking a beginner tutorial on how to create a Hawaii Yeti.

I followed the tutorial located here (

For the most part, the project wasn't too difficult. It took me about two hours to do. The hardest part was figuring out how to use the pen tool as instructed in the tutorial. I was never able to fully figure it out so for the arms and horns I just had to use the ellipsis tool instead of the pen tool. I also didn't figure out how to apply the gradient effect to the triangles as a whole. 

Despite the setbacks with not knowing how to fully use the pen tool, the design turned out well. 

The one below is the one portrayed in the tutorial:

Here is the one I did:


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