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Having fun with watercolors!

I'm a fashion student in Peru. I’ve stumbled upon Katie’s work while looking for inspiration in watercolors and fell in love with her work; I still need practice so I decided to take this class. I absolutely love intricate embroidery and the fifties, and that's what my mood board is all about; it's particularly Valentino and Elie Saab, my two favorite designers.


I'm practicing sketching now, I find difficult as I'm still learning proportions and simplifying, I think some fashion student can relate; we're so worried in drawing patterns and seam lines, we usually miss the whole picture. I still have a long way to have them in my mind (9 head). I'm having problems drawing arms (I may start missing them Haha) so any advice on them would be nice. I don't have a scanner so I’m taking photos with my phone, hope you don’t mind.

My sketches:

I'll have to work on lineweight and on those mutant arms.


I think I finally got this one. I used glitter, but it's overpowered by the pattern; maybe I should’ve used a lighter tone on the dress. I'll practice more with images I can use glitter with.


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