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Having fun with pop art/comics: designing words


I'm Inês and I'm doing my first class. 


Here is my video lesson outline.


Click here to see me im my 2nd lesson of my class:


Here is my class! Finaly!


Class title: Having fun with pop art/comics: designing words

Class Description

Have you ever thought in design but you don't know what to do?

In this class, Inês Mateus,will give you the whole process since the first steps to the final project:how to make simple shapes and lines and along with basic expressions of comic books to give them life and transform them into beautiful designs.

With this knowledge you will be ready to make your own «speech balloons», to make your personal project in which you will be able to give wings to your imagination...

Join today, and check back often to ask questions!

Project title and description


Have fun doing a speech balloon design        

I will walk you through the techniques that I use to create a design with simples shapes and words. We will draw an finally we will ink our designs with felt tip pens, colored or not.  You can use my suggestions or create some of your own as we work along.  You will end up with your own speech balloon design which you can use to colour.

I encourage everyone to upload their work in progress so we can encourage each other along the way. It is fun to see the many different ways people approach drawing.  

There is no limit to the creative possibilities.

On the project page upload the following

  • Project title.
  • Progress of your  drawing elements as you go.
  • Progress of your inking and color.
  • Your final speech baloon design.


  • One of my projects that you can use to inspired yourself
  • Worksheet (is in attached files) to do the simple shapes that I do in the class


Thanks and coment please to give advices.



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