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Having fun with Calligraphy

I dabbled in Calligraphy quite a few years ago and have been wanting to get back into it. For Christimas this year, my parents bought me a starter kit and I haven't been able to put the pen down! I wanted to take this class so that I could really learn how to make the letters, learn about the different tools and techniques and eventually create my own lettering style. 

Some rough beginnings - making shapes and tracing the alphabet...

Practicing the months, days of the week and seasons...

So far, I'm more comfortable with lowercase letters and I've started to try writing out some of my favorite quotes.

Today, I was working on different ways to write the word "hello." I want to send out simple notes to family and friends just to say "hi" so I'm trying out different options. I think I like the ones at the bottom of the page the best!


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