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HaveAir Branding Project

My name is Michael Javier and I am the creater/owner of HaveAir. HaveAir is a custom sneaker retailer/service provider, and T-shirt retailer. I started HaveAir a couple years back in eighth grade and it has grown drastically since then.


I'm a very personal and deep person, so the values of HaveAir are very similar to mine. 

If you "HaveAir" you are:


You treat yourself and others with due respect no matter what the circumstances are.


You don't slack off and you put as much effort as possible into what you are doing. You often work extra just to achieve your goals.


You are careful and produce the highest quality work/products that you can.


You are honest with your customers, acquaitances, and _____


You can be counted on to complete your assignments every time when they need to be completed. You also take iniative to help others or take on extra work.

-Self Motivated

You don't need anyone reminding you to work all the time. You motivate yourself and are working within seconds.


You complete projects and arrive to meetings and events on time or early. *should this go with precision?*


What do you visualize when you think of sneakers? A basic two or three color blocked design right? Here at HaveAir I am aiming to abolish that vision. I want to diversify sneaker design so much that you can't even visualize a basic sneaker in your head. I want to break out of the creative jail that sneaker designers are currently locked in and produce innovative unique designs that will change the sneaker game. The majority of sneakers will no longer be adorned with those simple two or three colors, but with multicolored designs and patterns. Complexity will become the knew simplicity. People will be allowed to express themselves more openly with custom painted sneakers that reflect their personalities more than the basic shoes that are popular today. You may be asking yourself, how does he intend to do that? I am going to turn this idea into a reality by growing and expanding my business as much as I can over the next five years. At some point along the line I will hopefully have the funds to open the first of many HaveAir stores. These stores will offer a number of different in-house sneaker cleaning and customizing services from many different artists handpicked by myself; open up accounts to resell sneakers from big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor; open up accounts with many different lifestyle and urban clothing companies; and sell items from the HaveAir Clothing line. I plan to reach this milestone by learning everything that is possible about business and marketing and then applying it in real life to expand HaveAir. A creative future is coming...... compliments of HaveAir


Repainting the sneaker world one shoe at a time.


My thought process- Why buy custom sneakers from HaveAir? So that you look good and stylish.

Why look good and stylish? So that you can impress others.

Why impress others? So that you can be accepted by your peers.

"Buy from HaveAir, and you will be more accepted by the crowd" -Not sure how that is though..

Look & Feel:

Colors: Black & red



Planning on gettin more business cards and logo stickers printed to spread everywhere. Goal is to get logo everywhere so that people get it embedded in their head. 

I am open to any comments and suggestions that anyone has. Knowledge is power, and I am thankful for any knowledge that you wish to share. Thank you.


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