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Have your cake and eat it after 100 miles

Link to the video. How to have cake and eat it

I read through Simons notes, watched the videos and read the information. I changed projects three times and arrived at cycling. 

As I reached my 50s keeping fit was on my mind. One way was to cycle and I can remember that first day cycling to the end of the road and panting. As a teenager we explored other towns and cycling was a great way of getting around. As soon as I was sixteen then onto a motor cycle licence and the push bike was left in the shed. Four years ago I got back into cycling. Joined various cycling clubs and built up the miles. Applied for the first ever Prudential ride 100 London cycling event. A hundred mile cycle ride from London and its land marks to the Surrey hills and back. The first time that the event had closed roads and only cycles allowed. A memorable event where i completed one hundred miles and raised money for charity. People cheered us on the route all the way back to the Mall in London.

I want to inspire people that are thinking about getting back into cycling. To set them selves a challenge. To raise money for a charity but most important to get fit and be healthy.

I brainstormed ideas motorcycles, improving confidence, cycling, How cultures view cyclists in different ways. I finalised with a story. How i worked up from unfit and cycling less than a 100 yards to a 100 mile cycling event. 

I made lots of notes as you can see in the picture. In the end i realised i had to cut it down. keep to bullet notes and know the content of each bullet point.

A couple of times in the video I looked down at the timer to make sure i was on time. I rehearsed quite few times and had a break when it kept going wrong. I would make slip ups in the video.

I bookmarked the sites and went through them a couple of times. This helped me to refine my content and choose a story. Looking at the best way to work the presentation. 

I was thinking of keeping all the video out takes but deleted them in the end. Possibly to add eating a cake at the end or to show a nice cake. 

My brother paid for the professional pictures of me from the event and had it framed. That is in one the background with the medals that i have gained. 

I used these bullet points to focus my talk

  • encourage to try cycling, get back on two wheels, eat cake
  • kid cycle teenager
  • freedom, blue skys fresh air fast explore
  • bought a bike me out of breath less than 100 yards
  • 100 miles Prudential ride london
  • over 20k cyclists, over 7 million raised for charity
  • remember cycling down motorway, everyone cheering us on
  • start from a few miles and work your way up
  • keep fit
  • i hope you get on two wheels
  • set yourself a goal help and charity
  • either way enjoy your self



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