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Nina Chantanapumma

I eat cookies. And fragment sentences.



Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Choosing the Phrase

I'm a computer technician. For at least twelve years of my life, I've been untangling cables, plugging in peripherals, uninstalling, installing, reinstalling, deleting, and fighting the good fight against malware and user uneducation. And anyone who knows anything about troubleshooting computers, gadgets, and other things with power buttons knows that one of the first questions you ask (if not the first) is "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

It's one of my favorite questions to ask because the delivery is important (condescension is a no-no unless you don't care for 'thank you' baked goods) and I'd say about half of the time? The answer will be "no, I hadn't thought about that!" and then the user will restart their computer or shiny device and then everyone is back on their merry path to computering.

Inspiration and Brainstorming / Gathering Reference Material

To be honest, I had the hardest time picking out a phrase because there so many inspiring words and funny quotes and styles and colors floating around in my head. But when someone suggested "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" my brain was able to picture cables, buttons, and the feelings associated with that simple question.

Even though turning a device on and off usually involves a power button, I keep picturing power cables because a few times, the person I am helping doesn't even have their computer plugged in. I also automatically think about icons so perhaps there will be a way I can marry the two ideas together. Guess I will find out when I start putting pencil to paper and sketching out some ideas!


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