Have fun!

Hi guys, 

I must say that with this project I learned a lot and I really had fun , for that reason the name of the final result. I wanted to share with you how I started with this project. trying a lot of diffence things. I started with this project which I kind of find interesting, because of the simplicity of the pic.I love this arquitecture pics with a lot of space.  


Then , I wanted to try something more different like contrast photo, so I took this one. And was totally a desaster. I like the pic but I got a bit lost  the result was really dark and I got confuse with the layer effects. was an experience and I learn from it :)


And finally I wanted to do somenthing more colorfull I guess, like this one, and  I must say I had everything clear here, I applied effects to the triangles and I had clear how to creat masks. Thanks Meg!! Even though I wasn¨t convince at the beginning I really like masks now :)

So here it is :



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