Have fun! Learn lots!


This is my personal motto! Generally I shout it out behind the kids as they head off to school but I often offer it as a departing sentiment as well. It's how I try to live every day, and what I most sincerely hope for them in a school day. Preferably in that order: fun, then learning. I want to use my project to make stationery sets for my writerly friends and to print a poster for my office.

Some brainstorming on the phrase:

Some inspiration... these colors are so appealing and have the *fun* built right in. Betty's party book is chockablock with gorgeous illustrations.

I love these candy wrappers too! The fonts are bold and vocal.


Been having great fun fooling around with letters! I'm used to painting letters and drawing out the full physical shape gives me a whole new appreciation for seeing letters as images. 

Next I started fooling around with what my stationery design might look like. Books seemed a natural and I liked this typewriter/page idea, with the phrase appearing in classic typewriter font.  

But after brainstorming a bit more, I realized the learning in our world happens more by going and doing than reading and writing.

I don't love the boat/island (any of the drawing, yet) thing up there, I'll figure out what I want that to be later because now is the time for letters! My challenge at this point is how small it feels like the letters have to be to be on a half sheet paper, but I'm hoping the upcoming videos make it clear. Pretty sure I'm just going to draw huge and then shrink the image to fit. Is that what others are doing?


Spent some time today playing with my "final" sketch and then applying it as stationery. I like it but feel like it will take some more tweaking. I'm not layering on the computer, but making multiple copies of each phase of drawing and using my overhead projector as a lightbox to add stuff and see how I like it. Next I want to see what some nice color copies from the print shop look like!


Ok now that the holiday is behind me I can see that I need to work on the spacing of my letters more to be satisfied. Also, thanks to a sweet deal on Moo cards, I may redesign from stationery to postcards. Which means I could make a bunch of new designs using the phrase! Which means I'll probably not make it for gift giving. Unless I stop procrastinating RIGHT NOW. :)


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