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Graphic Designer



Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 2013

Here is my final tracing from the last class

Here are different color versions I tried. I want to keep the traditional colors of Xmas: green and red but put a retro/vintage twist on it. I lean toward #4 and #6. What is your fav version?







Thanks for all your comments. I decided to pick #4 and #6 and added texture on those versions. I also added the white outines and halftone dots for "MERRY" on both versions.

Here are the textures that i used. The first two are for the background. The pen strokes are used on "Christmas" and the banner. The last one is used on "yourself"

The tiny logo at the bottom is my logo. I will send this out to my friends and family and want to include my signature there.

This version I shifted the background color to navy shade because I think it is lil dark on the last one. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Hope you get what you wish for from Santa <3


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