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Huyen BlueButterfly

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 2013

Christmas is coming up soon so I want to create my Xmas card this year using lettering. This is my 1st time doing lettering so I feel like my process take 4ever. 

The vision I have for the card is the Xmas tree made up of types. I want each word on the saying will have different styles.



I want some of the types are scripted, some are bold, and other styles. I found a lot of cool chalk board letterings.

Color Inspiration: I still want to keep the traditional Xmas colors: red and green but put retro twist on it


Warming up exercise: I had fun drawing letters and start becoming addicted to it

I wanted to stick with the ideas of filling type within the Xmas tree shape. I tried to rearange the types and elements to see which would fit the best. I also like to roughly sketched out what kind of style for each words to see if they blend well together.

I picked the 3rd version and drew it in bigger scale

I was pretty happy to see everything in big scale with all the details. I started tightening up the sketch using darker pencil and tracing paper.

Inking process is lil scary since im not used to drawing with pen. I didnt fill the "Christmas" word and didnt draw the shadow of "Merry" because I could do that on the comp.

I decided to add snow on the background. This is the tracing version. It looks lil bit different than the handrawing version. I think I used too thin point pen so it is not as bold as I want when I traced it.

Here are different color versions I tried. Colors are kinda tricky because I feel like I lose some details compare to the B&W version. I lean toward #4 and #6. Which one is your fav? Let me know :)







Thanks for all your comments. I decided to pick #4 and #6 and added texture on those versions. I also added the white outines and halftone dots for "MERRY" on both versions.

Here are the textures that i used. The first two are for the background. The pen strokes are used on "Christmas" and the banner. The last one is used on "yourself"

The tiny logo at the bottom is my logo. I will send this out to my friends and family and want to include my signature there.

This version I shifted the background color to navy shade because I think it is lil dark on the last one. 

Now im on printing process to see how they look. Im super excited :)


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