Have I gone overboard with smart filters ;)

Have I gone overboard with smart filters ;) - student project

Ok, I might have gone cray cray here but this has been such a lifesaver ... I had over 2K emails in my inbox and now ... 197 ! WOW Ok aside from realising that I have way too many newsletter subscriptions I don't read or no longer am interested it ... so I have deleted 25 so far YAY ! I think I am on a roll.  I haven't created alternate mailbox yet, not sure If I want to do that or if I can on the Apple Mail service ( I think I now get the difference between mail service and mail client  and POP and IMAP !)  but I have already made some great headway here !


Also, I have stopped trying to clear emails.  THANK YOU ALEXANDRA for saying that there is LOADS of space to keep all emails.  That was such a relief !

Will still look at drilling this down more.  Not sure about the Zero Inbox but I can tell you that I am motivated at keeping it below 50 so ... still have a way to go. 

And I LOVE the advice ... "Don't Touch it Unless You Are Going To Do Something To It !"  That is such great advice as so true .... you open it quickly in the bus, read half of it, and then it is in limbo !  So loved that.