Derrick Posner

Business is for anyone!



Have Fun!

It's very easy to get upset and frustrated when things don't work out as planned. You will have some hiccups on the way but, I will always be here to answer and questions you may have.

Starting a business is actually not that difficult. Yes it is hard but, if you are someone who is committed it will be a breeze!

My class is taught from my office. You can use whatever space you have. The more space the better, heat presses tend to really heat up a room so if you don't have too large of a work space keep your door open with a small fan pointed inwards. I've found that this helps me keep my work space bearable without losing heat from my press.

Tip! Play music while working, something pumped up to keep you energized. It really helps to have an easy going mindset while working in this type of environment as I stated before, things don't always come out how you want and it is easy to get frustrated. Take a break here and there and gather yourself. Tell yourself you will try again and see what went wrong.

Mistakes are great ways to learn!


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