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Mel Cerri

Designer, São Paulo, Brasil



Have Fun

Hi guys! This is my first submission to Skillshare, I'm excited!

So I didn't start with a font as my background because I wanted the words to be slightly tilted upward so I ended up drawing them myself. This is my sketch:


Then I moved on the vectorizing. I had a hard time at first so I had to start over and use more guides to get the ribbon width right. Here's the vector just outlined:


You can see I changed the E quite a bit to get the upper part a bit smaller than the bottom.

Then I moved to coloring the different layers of the ribbon. I'm not sure I got it right hehe, but I hoped for the best :)


It was hard figuring out what was in front of what, but I'm sure with more practice it will become easier.

And this is the final piece, after shading, adding a very subtle texture and a fun background. I hope you like it!


A little bit of a close-up so you can see details.


I'll keep practicing this lettering style! I absolutely LOVE Luke's work and hope he teaches more classes here :)

Thanks for viewing!


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