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Daniel DFox

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Haunted Skull

Hi you all, I am Dfox and here I present you some of the process in my class project of the awesome Palehorse.

I have followed the work of Palehorse for a while and I am a huge fan, so its awesome for me to get some of his knowledge and put it into practice, and for this thanks man, great class!.


As first stage of this class I wanted to try another skull so I get to explore the details and textures in my own way, made a few modifications to it, gave it a third eye because third eyes are fun, and some weird glow,gas,smoke in them and here it is.



Working on the inking of the design was a challenge, geting used to the thin to thick to thin stroke was hard, also deciding where to put the blacks to contrast with the white, trying to find the balance, but I guess I managed to get to a point where I was happy with it, so here it is.


Hope you like it so far.


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