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Alejandro Antonio

Illlustrator & Animator



Haunted House

I am excited to get to use what I am learning from this class! This will be the my project I am going to animate. I really enjoy Halloween, so what would be better than a haunted house. 

I. Final Illustration


II. Graph Editor Tests

A) With this test I tried making a smooth transition using the speed graph.



B) I am looking to create an unnatural feeling as the house completes itself. I tried to add resistance to the material's  path to make it appear old. 



C) For this test I changed the order of the boards to break the symetry and and order. While keeping the previous changes done with the speed graph. 



D) I added a bit more resistance towards the end of the animation. It's starting to get there. 


E) I used the Value Graph for this test. I continued to add transperancy key frames as I liked it the best.



I. Final Result 

I lowered the frame rate in order to get the GIF to be 2.1 mb. I have uploaded a second version to my blog that shows more details:





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