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This was a small custom social network that I built for some friends who run a small cricket club. It's a volunteer effort so they needed a way to co-ordinate people, chat, keep up-to-date contact information, share photos, and match information.

It was quite early on in my career, so the rate was rock bottom, also suffering from a bit of "mates' rates". (I've been employed since then hence why I don't have a more up-to-date example).

It's implemented as a Rails app, and took a few weeks to build. I think I could have done more to turn the rates conversation towards value, e.g. "How much time will this save you?", "How awful are the alternatives?" and also asked more about their end goals to be able to see where they felt the value lay.

I think I was in the realm of expense, rather than value. 


Similar to above, I should have uncovered the proxy pains:

- lack of a decent alternative
- time consuming tasks
- complicated and error-prone system (SMS/Voice calls to multiple people)

What are the value points:

- more efficient club management
- one click event invites and automated replies
- increase community strength


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