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Hatem Aly's portfolio

Firstly thanks so much for such a great class..

So the assignment: 

Site URLhttp://www.metahatem.com

Screengrab: illustration page I like it because it includes many great projects I've worked on ..my second  best would be the pen and ink one since it has more of a spontaneous and loose sense to it that I like.


A brief description of why the site is successful : I really hope it is! I might need to trim it a bit and re organize it in the future since I was involved in newer awesome projects but waiting for the right time to update it. I think it is sucessful since it showes a sort of a visual storytelling, which I am passionate about, and my skills as well as potentials. I like to connect emotionally to others so I hope it is successful in this manner.

Feel free to give me feedback..I know it could be better in some places.


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