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Hate that bastard

I mean I had to fire her. First of all she never answered my smiles. Normally they work and one day or the other I get what I want. Sometimes I have to pay a dinner to get it. Sometimes I have to be patient and wait until the companies christmas party starts. A few Appletinis and bang there we go.

But she wanted it the hard way. No problem. Have seen better boobs than yours. And all the smart remarks she dared to add in meeting where she was meant just to look good and please the dreams of our beloved clients. Hit me a little bit when she started crying and talking about her two little kids and her man having left her two years ago. But still saw these sparks of fighting spirit in her eyes.

Naa, too late. Leaning back on my couch thinking about the round ass of that new Mexican cleaning woman I am paying way to generous I thought there should be a law for single men like me a kind of health care service allowing me to call a certain telephone number and ask for a free fuck with two blond nurses.

Started liking the idea when the door bell rang. Opened the door and looked into the face of - me. Somebody looking exactly like me. Same hair cut. Same tan. Same slacks. Same shirt. Same everything. But somehow more friendly. Warmhearted. Peaceful. Me - but the good version of me. Using his gun he pointed to a black van behind him.


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