Hatching fun :)


Hi :) my name is Carol and I have really enjoyed this course!  

I started with the pen personality project, and quickly realised I need more pens!!   I totally lack any sepia for  a start!!

I then spent some time doing the grid - this turned out to be more satisfying than I had imagined. It was tricky as Jen said it would be. I found it messed with my eyes a bit, so I had to keep looking away!!   I did find that it was worth the patience and practice - and it was hard to resist the urge to turn the paper for a better angle.   I really love the effects created and the grid itself! 

I had a quick go at using hatching to draw some shells with mixed results!! I have posted them as my project picture.  Now I'm keen to do some more practice and some outdoor sketches!  Huge thanks Jen for a great course!! 



I decided to sit under the shade of the walnut tree and sketch part of the flower bed. I chose to use uni pin black pens only to try and get the most effects I could from hatching.   I can see areas where I could improve.  I feel the dark to light through from the bottom of the taller flowers lacks sufficient contrast and I wonder if I should have put in the tonal back ground ahead of the sketch itself  ~ I could add more contrast with water colour, but as I said, I wanted to stick to black pen.  I chose this little vignette because I liked the shapes in it.   Its still a fun learning process ~ more to follow ~ perhaps with a tonal background with a sketch over next time?! : )




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