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Trey Ingram

Graphic Designer



Hat-Trick Hero

Let me just start with a simple admission -- I am a raving mad soccer fan. Football, or The Beautiful Game, has been a passion for me since I was about five years old. This project is going to be the beginning of a journey for me, since I have always wanted to find an opportunity to combine soccer and design in a unique way. The saying I chose is:

"3 Goals Makes You A Hat-Trick Hero"

For application I envision this being a screen-printed poster and t-shirt. Mostly because this is something I would hang up in my office environment, and I feel it would translate well onto apparel as well. 

As suggested, I began mapping out some words that related to the quote and tried to let them flow as freely as possible. Whenever I got stuck, I would hop online and use inspirational tools such as Pinterest and Dribbble to get back on track again. This step was a tremendous help in determining the atmosphere, mood and style of the piece I wanted to create. 

Soccer -- Goals -- Celebrations -- Field -- Grass -- Stadium

Cleats -- Confetti -- Trophy -- Medal -- Shin Guards -- Jersey

Uniform -- Badge -- Club -- Crest -- Fans -- Banners -- Lights

Noisy -- Facepaint -- Scarf -- Magician -- Magic Hat -- Wand

Ball -- Goalie -- Teamwork -- Slide -- Tackle -- Passing

Historic -- Classic -- Vintage -- Theatre -- Stage

Next I compiled a bunch of visual inspiration based on the words I chose above:


** Beginning Sketches 12/17

Worked on some sketches of different typographic styles for the words, "Hat-Trick." Here are the early works for you to check out:

Next I launched into some rough layout sketches to get some of my ideas on paper. Starting from the top left towards the bottom right, here are my thoughts behind the designs...

Top Left -- I liked the idea of a huge chunk of turf or field as the basic large shape. Almost like a slice of cake, with grass as the icing on top. The word "GOALS" would be inside an actual goal with netting behind it, and the word "Hat-Trick" would be on a banner or scarf that wraps around the turf. 

Top Middle -- This one is actually my favorite. The very tippy-top utilizes a scoreboard to display the number "3." The background is a stadium jam-packed with screaming fans, and in the middle of the pitch is a magicians hat. Popping out of the hat is a soccer ball, with "GOALS" in arched text above it. "HERO" would look like a vintage lighted sign with large bulbs. Really fell in love with the atmosphere this one provided.

Top Right -- Here I used 3 soccer balls above a goal, with "Hat-Trick" in a scarf/banner.

Bottom Left -- I thought is might be fun to incorporate an illustration of a player in the middle of a knee-sliding celebration. The banner would go around his mid-section, while the "MAKES YOU A" text would fit nicely on the jersey chest area (where a sponsor name usually is represented). "HERO" would be reversed out from the player's long shadow in the foreground area. 

Bottom Middle -- This idea combined the celebrating player with the magician's hat, and the background space could be filled with smoke.

Bottom Right -- On this concept I used a badge/crest to house the top text, and "Hat-Trick" was placed in a pennant shape. Was thinking it might look cool to give it a vintage wall environment where the background was wooden texture, and the different elements were pinned on with tacks.


** More Sketches 12/19

Still working on some layout and style sketches, and trying to simplify them a bit more. After looking at the first 6 concepts I realized they were a bit too busy and detailed for this stage. I still like the top middle one above, and I think a couple are starting to take shape on these as well:

One thing I am really struggling with is the actual balance of the first words. It doesn't seem to flow very well when read... so I am thinking the phrase itself might need to be revisited. Tell me if this sounds better:

"Score 3 Goals And Be The Hat-Trick Hero"

When I say it that way, it feels like it rolls off the tongue easier. I also could be going crazy from staring at these words so much, hehe. 


** Updated Sketch 12/23

Progress! I worked on the layout more this past weekend, and created one that I believe incoporates the best elements into one solid design. I really dig the thought of making the number "3" inside a crest, which also doubles as the "O" in the word "SCORE." This sketch is obviously very simple, so I am going to explore this in a larger format in an effort to work on the lettering detail. More to come...


** Updated Sketch 12/27

Check out this larger version with much more detail and let me know your thoughts:

After reviewing my latest drawing, I have noticed some areas that still need to be refined. The word "Hat-Trick" needs more breathing room inside the scarf shape, and I might try some alternative styles for the number "3" in the crest at the top. Thinking that the extra dimension on the number is making it a bit difficult to read, so simplification might be in order. Overall, I am really pleased with where this is going. I am tossing aroung the idea of adding a border/frame on the left, right and bottom (bc I really like the top flourish elements).

Also, I wanted to share a nifty work-around I discovered for this stage of the process. As much as I draw, I still do not own a light table, and as I am sure you are all aware this is a particularly handy tool to have when tracing/refining your work. I have heard of other artist's taping their paper up onto a window or glass door, but this typically requires the use of daylight. Since I do most of my work at night, I came up with another alternative...my son's ipad! I cranked up the brightness level to maximum, and opened an app that had a nice clean white background. This proved to be a great solution for me, so give it a shot (if your 2-year-old will let you borrow it, lol). More sketch work soon!


** Updated Sketch 12/31

Not sure about the containing border...I fear it may contribute to complicating this design. I will probably remove that in the inking stage. I also explored a previous style for the word "Hat-Trick" in the scarf. I definitely like how it gives more breathing room around the edges of the word. 


** Updated Sketch 1/3

Spent some time working with pens on the inking stage of this project, and have discovered many things that I may need to change. I think the next step is to re-trace this illustration with the 2-color palette in mind. I like the idea of a dark (green or black) and gold, with the revealed paper color to act as a third option. In the meantime, here is the first approach for you to check out - feedback certainly welcome!


** Color Version 1/22

After a busy holiday I finally got back to working on this colored version. I actually created a more recent inked version than the one you see above, with some changes to line weight, and the style of the words "SCORE" and "GOALS." I am now uploading the color version which has some texture sprinkled in, and I am fairly happy with where it is at this point. I like that the gold color hints at the color associated with trophies and success in the sporting world. I will possibly revisit this to do some more fine tuning - in the meantime, do you see anything that requires attention? 


** Updated Color Version 1/22

Went back and cleaned up some areas of texture, and then added some gold and white grunge to the mix as well. I also tightened up the white highlights on the bottom of the words "SCORE" and "GOALS," because they seemed a bit too distant on the previous version. Also alternated the fringe colors on the ends of the scarf to give it a little more playfulness. Overall, I am digging where this landed. Thanks for all your help on this project...it has truly been a blast! 



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