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I want to recreate this poster by Ty Mattson because I love the image, and I believe this will be a good challenge.

It exemplifies the skills I want to learn during this course.

Update 1:

At this point I'm happy with how things are progressing. Learning how to correctly curve a path with the anchor point tool was critical on this poster, but it did take a while to get a handle on it.

Right now, I'm struggling with the best way to create those rays in the background, and texture them.

Update 2:

Cleaned up some shapes, got header typography down. Type was a PITA to get right. Knew header type had to be near perfect, so I spent a while looking through myfonts.com and finally found Enamel, the most likely candidate, by looking through their inline fonts. Did a screen grab of my sample text and brought that in to Illustrator. Did live trace and expand to turn the type into paths, edited the color. Did the same with Enamel Base, turned that into white to create the drop shadow.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the other font so I used Mesquite which is close enough for me. For me, this excercise is not a typography challenge so I'm not going to beat myself up over not finding the other font.

Still need to figure out a way to improve the cross hatch texture in the sun rays, and do the neato screenprint edge texture (without going to photoshop).


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