Harvest The Good...

Harvest The Good... - student project

Harvest The Good... - image 1 - student projectHarvest The Good... - image 2 - student project
So it started out not so good. I decided to go with purple and yellow and green using a combination of Windsor Newton ink and Dr PH Martins iridescent inks of the same color. I loved the technique and wished I had gone with the red and yellow. I almost stopped here, with the intent to let it go, but then decided to keep going and building layers.

Harvest The Good... - image 3 - student project

I decided to use this cool glass dip pen and purple ink that came along with it and then things got a lot more fun...

Harvest The Good... - image 4 - student project

Then I added in green Windsor Newton mixed with Walnut Ink to make washes and add in the background... I went around the flowers and background several times adding details and washes and layers all in ink. Grateful I was using a block pad. 

Harvest The Good... - image 5 - student projectHarvest The Good... - image 6 - student projectHarvest The Good... - image 7 - student project

And kind of funny because when I went to sign CC 2020 the CC was fine but the 2020 dissolved before my eyes so I turned it into a passing comet to let out the old and welcome the new.

I usually paint at night in dim lights. So it is actually more vibrant and beautiful in daylight. 

Harvest The Good... - image 8 - student project
Here is to all of us harvesting the good from 2020 and leaving the rest behind as we enter 2021! To all of you, my fellow artist friends... 


With Love & Light... :)CC