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Harvest Pumpkin Set

I am well into way with my September Challenge, and I am plotting out classes for the Fall Bootcamp!

I have just updated my Fall Publishing Plan and  you can view it here:

I am going to experiment with multi-part classes with one of my more complicated pieces:


I have a way of breaking this down into three parts, more manageable chunks. I think I will start with the earrings, then the main pendant, and finally bringing it together in one necklace.

I have also got my September Challenge videos up as well!


And this project is actually taught as a pair of earrings:


I hope to have a great fall season and see everyone's channels grow!


This is a pair of earrings using a 3D Right Angle Weave technique that I am going to use as a fundamental class for more advanced designs. 

This is a lot of fun and super quick to put together. You can even use whatever bead shapes you like! I've even done this using super teeny seed beads.

I appreciate your feedback and I look forward to seeing everyone's classes for the month!


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