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Harry Potter

...because why not? I am absolutely in love with the movies and am ashamed to say that I have just now started reading the books. Better late than never!

I'm almost finished with the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The key concepts that I used for my initial, rough sketches were magic (duh), flying on broomsticks, and of course the Sorcerer's Stone. I chose an "R" for J. K. Rowling.


The top sketch is more illustrative. It is supposed to be Professor Quirrell's turban unravelling. I think it might be a bit too specific on one plot point though. I'm much more fond of the other two sketches.

The middle sketch is a blackletter style. (If this is the route that I choose for my final, I will research and refine this one.) Everything seems so medieval--castles, quills and parchment paper. Many blackletter styles also have diamond shapes throughout. I would really make the diamond by the stem of the R stand out, as that would be representing the Sorcerer's Stone. The curly lines surrounding it are representative of someone flying on a broom. I might even experiment with making those dotted lines instead.

The bottom sketch take a juvenile route. The main concept is simply magic. Harry has discovered a brand new world, and everything is absolutely fascinating to him. I would include lots of sparkly bits around the letter. I would also experiment with making it 3D, so I could have more fun with lots of embellishment.

Which route should I go??


My sketchbook is looking a little crazy. I decided to explore the fun version of the R. I tried to change up the skeleton of the letter (like Jessica suggested) to see where I wanted to put the curly parts. 

I actually really like the big one at the bottom of this picture. I was playing around with making the letter 3D. I found it easier to make it 3D once I got rid of the script part of the R. But in the end, I love the playfulness of my thumbnail--combining a script with a fancy serif.

I was having a hard time figuring out where I wanted to put pattern and embellishments on the actual letter. I finally chose to put the checkerboard pattern on the top half of the stem, and a hint to the Sorcerer's Stone on the bottom half. Now I just need to explore the magical embellishments surrounding the letter.


I've started digitizing my sketch. Here is where I'm at so far:

(I haven't picked colors yet...just working on refining the shape.) I'm having some trouble smoothing out the middle loop and the bottom curl of the script part. I find that the more I take breaks and come back to it, the easier it is to spot the problem point!


I think I have the shape finalized, and now I'm adding color and details. I definitely want to have some sort of gold as one of my colors. I keep gravitating towards purple as my second color for now. I tried to do a deeper red (since that's the Gryffindor color!), but it looked too much like McDonald's with the gold.

Any suggestions?


I refined a few more things and added some texture for interest. I also incorporated a suggestion to add a shadow so it looks like the letter is floating on it's own. I think it turned out great! This project was a lot of fun. Maybe I'll do the rest of the series too!


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