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Harry Potter: Ravenclaw

I love Harry Potter, but I feel like the whole series is insanely long to do something like this for a project. So rather than do one book at a time, I figured I'd pick one of the Houses to start with! If this goes pretty well I may do all of them just to get some practice in. I picked Ravenclaw for my first because I feel like I know it best out of all of them.

Ravenclaw is associated with ravens (that one's obvious), the sign of Air, and the stars. I wanted to incorporate a raven along with floating/flying feathers into the R somehow, as well as the colors bronze and blue, as they are the house colors.

For the letter itself, I wanted it to be bold, solid, and classic. Ravenclaws value level-headedness and class, but on the other hand they are also associated with creativity and individuality, so I went a completely different direction and made one of the R's into feathers in the wind, as Ravenclaw is associated with air. I'm not sure I love this one, since it leaves so many things out.

This is the one I'll probably end up using, as it incorporates nearly everything I wanted into it, and it just feels natural. I want the eye to be a sapphire as it is the house gem.

This last one was an attempt to work constellations and stars into the design, but I don't like it too much. It feels very forced and unnatural to me.

Thoughts? Ideas? Thank you for looking, any input whatsoever is very appreciated!

July 20th;

I decided to try and sketch a bit more before moving on, and this was what I came up with. I feel like it was a good compromise between all three of the other designs, and incorporated something of each into all of them. I'm unsure how to feel about the extreme 3D of it, I may tone that down when I try to refine it a little more. Thoughts?


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