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Harry Potter (Final version)


I wanted to use this project to create a business card for my professional life. But it's been a while now since I wanted to do some fan art on Harry Potter, so when I saw Tom Froese's project it reminded me a bit of the TV series Dexter. And so, I decided that I do a postcard on Harry Potter instead of the tools for an architect/illustrator, etc.

0. A title for the project.

I decided to do a quick title by hand for the project. Nothing special, just sketching the typography from the films and giving it some detail in Photoshop.


1. Listing the objects

I went on to list some of the objects that are famous in the books. I didn't want to make a huge list, so I made some sort of personal list, with some of the objects I own and others I really like or that I think that sum up the character well.


2. Sketching

I actually did more sketches than the ones shown here, but this were the ones a liked the most. I'm not sure yet which one to pick, but I think I will finally go with "C".

Yes, I didn't go for just 5 objects.... it was hard to choose and also the sizes were really different.

It was strange to have a big broomstick next to the "Liquid luck" bottle (for the muggles: a bottle containing a luck potion). So it was challenging to handle the proportions of things. I tried to make small objects bigger but it looked weird because they are not every day easily recognizable objects, therefore proportions had to be handled carefully.

Anyway, I think it stills looks ok because many of the objects are quite small, but I accept suggestions!!


3. Making ink marks and textures

I did some textures with black ink. I used a quill (not a very good one), a sponge and a brush. I wrote also some words I think I will need. 

In general, I didn't thought about it too much, I just did some textures. Some will work and some won't, I'll see that later on.

Btw, I had to use my phone instead of a scanner (mine is broken!) so it took me a while to clean a bit each image and quality is not the best, but I think it works for now.






I also did some golden marks with golden acrylic paint, just in case I need them later on. (I did use them at the end to give it a more goldish kind of look to some objects).


4. Colors.

Since Gryffindorf's colors are a kind of yellowish orange and a dark red/violet, I thought it would be nice to use 3 colors: BLACK - OCHRE - PLUM

Although I guess this will be more challenging when printing.

5. Base Colors in Photoshop




6. FINAL details and textures

I've used many of my ink marks, I've found this system incredibly useful. I will definitely develope more handmade textures in the future for other projects.

The most difficult part was Hedwig, since it was completely white, so I had to use black ink marks wisely to be able to describe its outline. I tried also making a coloured background or a more messy one, maybe with some ink marks, but I found out that since every object is so detailed, having a messy background was too much. I think it looks neater with just the white of the paper.



The most challenging thing was to give detail to every object, since they are not everyday objects. I took more than I planned and that's something I should look forward to correct in the future. 

Overall it was a really fun project to make and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. This class was amazing and really useful, Im really confident now with masks, alpha channels and the always challenging Pen Tool. Thanks Tom!


Hope you like it !! :)


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