Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Hand letterer, illustrator, master doodler



Harry Potter Candy

While working on a personal project, I realized this would be a good venue to start it and keep me on track. I have a huge love of Harry Potter and had had this idea in my head for a few months, until yesterday when I finally had the courage and confidence to finally get it on paper.

The first illustration I've done is "Lupin's Chocolate" in reference to every time he offered Harry a piece of chocolate after an ordeal.

I'm not quite sure what the other two will be yet, but I'm open to ideas! :)

Maybe Weasley's Red Hots? haha!


Lupin's Chocolate:



Weasley's Red Hots

Well I realized I won't finish these in time for the challenge deadline, but I am still going to complete the series. Next up are Weasley's Red Hots. :) 


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