Harris & Sons Premium Cigars

Harris & Sons Premium Cigars - student project

Hi everyone ! I'm Sophie from Quebec City, Canada.
I've decided to create a fictitious cigar brand logo just for fun : Harris & Sons Premium Cigars. I'm really inspired by antique smoking tobacco tins and cigar packaging. I love the illustrative style and how the lettering was done back then. I'll try to keep the entire process handmade only. I would also love to try some pyrography and put my finished design on a wooden box and even do those little cigar sticker labels.

This is going to be fun ! Stay tuned...

Harris & Sons Premium Cigars - image 1 - student project

Textures, prints and photographs for inspiration... I'm thinking, rope, palm leaves, arrows, ornate borders and crocodiles ! Next step is to start sketching...

Harris & Sons Premium Cigars - image 2 - student project