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Ryan Battles

Micropreneur & Bootrapper, Co-founder of Harpoon



Harpoon - Financial Planning, Time Tracking & Invoicing for Freelancers

Client Management Screen

Harpoon makes it simple to set financial goals, track time, invoice your clients, track your revenue, and take more vacations. It's the financial decision‑making tool you've been missing.

My co-founder and I were both freelancers, working out of adjacent desks in a co-working space for five years. During that time we were both using various time-tracking and invoicing tools, but ended up frustrated with one thing or another when using each of them. He is a designer, and I am a developer, so one day we began talking about what it would take to design and build a solution that we would really love using, with a focus on beautiful design and usability, as well as putting more emphasis on financial planning for freelancers.

As freelancers, whenever we would talk about how much money we wanted to make, we would respond: "As much as possible!" While that is a fun goal, it isn't concrete or measurable. With Harpoon, we decided the first thing that you would do when using it is set up a financial goal for the year, and the tool would track how close to meeting that goal you are tracking throughout the year.

We are currently launched to a beta audience, but we are putting the finishing touches on our public release. I'm excited to see how this class helps us hone in our marketing skills in addition to our design and development skills.

Read more at http://harpoonapp.com or follow us on Twitter: @harpoonapp


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